Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions:

All services of the company are genuine and guaranteed. We strictly follow our terms and conditions. There is no tolerance towards fraudulent activities. All dealings are discussed beforehand. No acceptance towards hateful activities either. Spams and illegal activities are not accepted. Resistance to terms and conditions of the company may result in cancellation of all deals. All records of the company with all clients are a matter of confidentiality. All agreements made are concerned with the privacy policy and we suggest clients to go through it. No outside commercial activity is to take place regarding the company’s documents, visual concepts, web designs, strategies, plans etc. We provide a complete layout of the proceedings of the work before it is started. It is mutually agreed upon. Time frame and all the related things are mentioned in the layout.

The contract may or may not have changes in the course depending upon circumstances. External links that you may be directed to are not catered to by our site. The website content is completely secure and safe. We suggest all our clients to go through our policies on the site to avoid future problems. Once you have seen the policies, you will be aware of the company dealings and subsequent working. There might be changes in our policy without further notice. Hence, we suggest our clients to keep a look on our policies whereby it will be convenient for both the company as well as clients.

Cancellation Policy:

The company follows rules and various conditions whereby any given contracts and dealings may or may not be cancelled. As it is with other policies, cancellation depends on the individual dealings and the sole circumstances. In case of violation of terms and conditions, the company may cancel all deals with the clients. Fraudulent and illegal activities are not tolerated and if any should take place, the company reserves its right to cancel all further contracts. Each project is viewed differently by the company and has distinct terms and conditions. The general policies in the site are also subject to cancellation policy. We suggest our clients to carefully read through all policies including cancellation. If there are situations whereby a client has to cancel the dealings, we may or may not agree upon it depending upon the work progress and the various circumstances. There might be cancellation charges in a case where clients wish to cancel the contracts. All cancellations made by the clients can only be accepted in writing if they will be accepted at all. However, cancellations by the clients are accepted in rare cases.

The company may also cancel the contract if the layout is not given significance. It forms a major part of the contract. All work proceeds in accordance with the initial layout hence it is singed and mutually agreed upon. Any resistance to layouts, terms and conditions, contractual details etc, may result in cancellation of contracts by the company. In case of serious issues, company may cancel contracts without further notice. In such a case, refunds are possible. However, it depends on various factors that will be looked into if such a case should take place. Cancellation policies are mentioned in terms and condition. We expects our clients to give due importance to it and go through the terms and conditions as well as the policy mentioned on our site.






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